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LEXUS Aftersales Offer for Humid Season

From now on till 30 June 2024, LEXUS car owners can now enjoy up to $4,568 discount upon purchase the following auto detailing services:

Offer 1) Air Care Service and Air Filter Replacement
Apply high-pressure air flow technology to propel cleaning agent deep into the interior of the evaporator, ensuring thorough removal of accumulated dirt. Discount price $3,800 (original price $4,100).

Offer 2) Upgraded Comprehensive Cabin Detailing
Service included comprehensive detailing of carpets and seats, thoroughly vacuuming and removing lint from the entire cabin. Discount price from $2,030 (original price from $2,388). For pet owner, additional $510 to upgrade to Pet-friendly Cabin Cleaning, which effectively removes pet hair and natural cleaning detergent for disinfection. Discount price from $2,540 (original price from$2,988).

Offer 3) Platinum Coating Service 
Imported from Japan, newly developed 9H silicone compound can provide durable anti-scratch, high gloss and water repelling properties on the paint surface. Platinum Coating is simply the best treatment to your beloved vehicle. Discount price from $4,180 (original price from $6,970).

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*The above offers are subject to the relevant terms and conditions. In the event of any dispute, Crown Motors Limited reserves the right to make the final decision.