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<Hybrid Series Offer> Battery Replacement Offer and Inspection Service

From now on, hybrid car owners can now enjoy the following benefits:


Offer 1️) Battery Replacement $15,500 up^ including labour and parts. Plus, hybrid battery warranty is exclusively extended to 3 years or 50,000 kilometres (whichever comes first). Upon completion, the owner will also receive an “Manufacturer Hybrid Battery Certificate” as a proof.


Offer 2️) For only $988 to purchase Hybrid Battery Inspection Service*, provides you a full view of the hybrid battery health status with a detailed inspection report. In addition, receive a Hybrid Battery Air Filter** for free. If the hybrid battery is due for replacement, the service fee will be waived.


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Enquiries: 2880 4130

Our locations:


Terms & Conditions:

^The above prices apply to specific models only.

*The discounted price on battery replacement will be reserved one-year for the customer who purchased and completed “Hybrid Battery Inspection Service”.

**Hybrid Battery Air Filter is only available on selected models.

The above offers are subject to the relevant terms and conditions. In the event of any dispute, Crown Motors Limited reserves the right to make the final decision.