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The Ultimate SUV Buying Guide: Factors to Consider for picking your perfect SUV

Sport utility vehicles, or SUVs, are extremely popular among car buyers looking for the perfect balance between practicality and appearance. People like SUVs for their rugged looks and design, as well as their raised ride height which offers greater all-round visibility. SUVs are also versatile and practical, with lots of interior space, which makes them ideal for families, as well as individuals leading an active lifestyle. When buying an SUV, consider the following:


1. Car Size and Dimensions

SUVs come in various sizes, from small and compact to large and luxurious. Choose based on your needs and budget. Larger SUVs have more passenger and cargo space, while smaller SUVs are easier to manuver. The key difference between 7-seater MPVs and 7-seater SUVs is that MPVs are designed from the outset to accommodate people, while SUVs are more of an all-round utility car.


The Lexus UX is a great compact SUV choice as it is efficient to drive and park in cities. Additionally, the Lexus RZ would be a top choice for those looking for luxurious electric SUV as it comes with a new visual identity by adopting a 'spindle body' design and the e-TNGA electric platform.


2. Car Seating and Car Boot Space

Most SUVs can accommodate at least five passengers and offer decent boot space. SUVs are generally taller than regular vehicles, it would be useful to take note of how easy it is to step in and out of the vehicle, as well as to load things in and out of the boot.


For example, the smaller Lexus UX will best fit for young couples or young families, while the larger Lexus NX and Lexus RX provide luxurious space and equipment for 5 passengers and luggage. The new Lexus RZ is a luxury electric SUV with comfortable seating and spacious room for both front and back rows.


3. Drivability

SUVs offer better visibility and drivability due to their height, and can take on worse road conditions (Compare to MPVs and Sedans) due to the ride height. Book a test drive to have the first-hand experience of an SUV.


4. Efficiency

Hybrid and electric-powered SUVs can deliver outstanding efficiency that go beyond that of conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) cars, so they are worth considering if efficiency and eco-friendless is a priority for you.


Lexus offers different type of SUVs, with hybrid options as well as full EVs are all there for your needs. 


5. Lifestyle features

Consider practical features for family use, such as storage space, fold-out tables, USB ports, and entertainment systems. Also take note of features such as roof racks and door steps which the cabin is higher off the ground.


6. Safety
Lexus Safety System addresses the three key areas of accident prevention: frontal collisions, unintended lane departures and night-time accidents, through its innovative systems. For full details of the Lexus Safety System, click here.


If you are interested in learning more about Lexus SUVs, please reach out and let our representatives assist you. We would be happy to discuss the latest car insurance, finance/car loan, and vehicle promotions available. Feel free to stop by our showroom as well – to feel and test drive for all Lexus SUVs.

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