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Welcome to the next Stage in the evolution of Luxury and style.

Spindle Grille - The Evolution of Style

The dramatic contours of the spindle grille on new Lexus vehicles create a bold first impression, promising sleek style and dynamic performance. The grille embodies the assertive L-finesse design philosophy that unites the fundamental principles of Lexus and expresses the singular character of each new Lexus model.

L-finesse is…

Leading edge with finesse: this dynamic, evolving design concept fuses advanced automotive technology with refined Japanese aesthetics.
L-finesse is brilliant engineering paired with elegant bodies, elite performance with luxury interiors, and cutting-edge technology with sleek contours. This concept unites the fundamental principles of Lexus design—incisive simplicity, intriguing elegance, and seamless anticipation—while embracing the singular identity and character of each model.
Through L-finesse, Lexus imbues its automobiles with a refined style that defines each as uniquely Lexus.


Design is not static.

Lexus integrates into its design the Japanese spirit of hospitality and anticipation of a guest’s every need. The result is gracefully fluid form and function that creates a uniquely personal experience by going beyond the expected, to anticipate both the driver and the road, and where it will take you.


Simplicity is not the reduction of form, but its purification.

Through the removal of extraneous elements, Lexus reveals the beauty contained within the clean lines of each model’s architecture and surfaces.


Elegance is an experience born of contrasts.

Lexus infuses designs with a dynamic depth and mystery by juxtaposing contrasting elements in careful balance, for eye-catching results that embody the spirit of Lexus.