09 Jan,2020


Seamlessly combining a petrol engine and electric motor, self-charging hybrid urban luxury SUVs NX300h and Urban Crossover UX250h can travel up to 800km and 940km respectively on a full tank, or as low as $1.35*and $0.88*per km. Lexus Hybrid offers powerful acceleration and is always ready without the need to plug in. Only the electric motor is active during initial take-off, slow cruising and idling to ensure a quiet city commute and longer distance between fill-ups. NX300h Ultimate is available at $529,500 with offers up to $34,000^. UX250h Ultimate is at $425,950 only with offers up to $24,950^. Arrange your test drive now and experience effortless driving pleasure of The Lexus Hybrid: bit.ly/2QYPids

*Based on $19.23/L of Shell V-Power as stated on January 6, 2020.
^Terms and conditions apply. Eligible for financing or insurance plan of Crown Motors Limited. Crown Motors Limited reserves all rights for final decisions

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