GS Fuji Edition命名源於呈「F」字形的日本富士國際賽車場 (Fuji Speedway),透過酷黑塗裝的車身設計,全面提升GS車系極具侵略性的運動風格,彰顯其源自日本富士賽道的基因。GS Fuji Edition自正式展出後,反應熱烈,尚餘最後5部以首展價$526,300發售,歡迎閣下親臨Lexus灣仔陳列室參觀選購!

Named after Japan’s legendary Fuji International Speedway, GS Fuji Edition features an ultra-dark sunroof and side view mirrors, reinforcing the track-born nature of F style. Along with the dark finishing diffuser, it projects a greater visual impact for the GS. The GS Fuji Edition has been unveiled earlier, and is now available at $526,300, limited to last 5 units, visit the legendary GS Fuji Edition at Wanchai showroom!

地點 | Venue Lexus灣仔陳列室 | Lexus Wanchai Showroom
時間 | Time 9:00am - 8:00pm
查詢 | Enquiry 2820-4020

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