Repair & Maintenance Service

Free Service Check-up

All passenger and commercial vehicles purchased from Crown Motors Ltd. are entitled to free maintenance check-ups detailed below:

Lexus passenger cars : 1,000km and 5,000km

Through such free maintenance check-ups, we are able to make sure that customers are satisfied with their new vehicles', and every aspect of the vehicle is in good condition. We hope you will enjoy visiting our service centre and experiencing our quality service. These maintenance services are absolutely free except for replacement of lubricants, fluids or filters. While all Lexus owners can enjoy these free of charge too.

Standard & Supreme Service Check-up

To ensure safety and enjoy peace-of-mind driving, we strongly recommend that all Lexus vehicle owners bring in their car to one of our Service Centres for a service check-up every 10,000km or every 6 months (whichever comes first).

Our Standard Service Check-up comprises a 46-point detailed inspection and adjustment package, including engine, steering, suspension, brakes, electrical components, air-conditioner, chassis and body, change of engine oil and oil filter, road tests and a detailed inspection report.

The Supreme Service Check-up comprises 60 points including all Standard Service items plus change of engine coolant, brake fluid, fuel filter, engine oil, oil filter, air filter, transmission oil, spark plugs, tightening nuts and bolts on body and chassis, road tests and a detailed inspection report.

Proper maintenance will ensure maximum performance, greater reliability, longer life and higher resale value for your Lexus. More important, having your Lexus serviced at least every 10,000km or every six months (whichever comes first) will prevent the warranty from being voided.

General Mechanical Work

Crown Motors' Service Centres also provide support for all sophisticated general mechanical and electrical systems on all vehicles. For details, please contact one of our Service Centres.

Body & Paint Repair Service

The worst nightmare of every driver is, of course, a car accident. Repairs are necessary if the accident is a serious one, provided the car is not damaged beyond repair. Repairs are up to the individual's discretion when it comes to maintaining perfection. However, even a small scratch is enough to start the rusting process and there's always the threat of mechanical problems being hidden behind dents in your car's metal skin. Crown Motors' Body & Paint Service Centres are designed to handle all these problems.

Crown Motors Ltd. has three Body & Paint Service Centres located in Shatin, Tsuen Wan and Yuen Long. We are certified to the Lexus Standard of Quality. With our professionally trained technicians and our specialised BP equipment, we can restore your vehicle to mint condition.

All services and repair works performed by Crown Motors are covered by a 6-month or 10,000km workmanship warranty (whichever comes first) and 12-month or 20,000km parts warranty (whichever comes first) (except worn-out parts) specific to work carried out.

Common Defects of Sub-standard Body & Paint Repairer

  • A range of paint defects including paint peeling off appear after sometime due to the poor working environment and neglect of major processes.
  • Improper welding reduces the overall strength of the vehicle's structure.
  • Inaccurate alignment of the frame, which affects the vehicle's performance and induces rattling and other unnecessary noises.
  • Our Lexus's safety features such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Supplemental Restraint System (Airbag), Global Outstanding Assessment body (GOA) and seatbelts incorporate sophisticated sensors, components and structures. They are often neglected by sub-standard repairers during the course of repair, and may results in malfunction of these systems.
  • Lack of guarantee on service quality.

Only a Crown Motors Service Centre, The approved Lexus Repairer, can give you quality service and warranty after services.

Car Care Service

Our Lexus Service Centres also provide a car care service to ensure that your car is the smartest on the road.

Car Beauty Service

  • Remove dirt, dust and stains on car surface
  • Apply polyshine protective treatment to maintain a shiny look and give the vehicle's paint work maximum protection
  • Clean interior cabin and engine compartment
  • Clean and wax all tyres and wheel rims

Antiseptic Treatment

Removal of dirt and dust from seat covers, carpets and roof-lining, plus disinfecting and deodorising the interior.

Transport Department DCTC

According to Hong Kong Government Transport Regulations, all passenger vehicles manufactured six or more years ago are required to take the CTC examination at a Designated Car Testing Centre (DCTC). Moreover, all commercial vehicles are required to undergo the CTC test every year from the issue of a certificate of roadworthiness as a pre-requisite for license renewal.

We have totally 8 Government DCTCs throughout Hong Kong to provide this service for all passenger cars and light goods vehicles up to 1.9 tons.

If your vehicle requires a CTC test, please feel free to contact the following Service Centres:

Service Centre Tel no. Opening Hours
Aberdeen 2820 5154 Mon-Sat: 08:30 - 18:00
Closed on Sun & Public Holidays
Kwai Chung 2880 4913
Kwun Tong 2825 5297
North Point 2880 1525
Shatin 2825 5228
Tsuen Wan (Sha Tsui Rd.) 2823 3206
Yau Tong 2820 4080
Yuen Long 2880 4466


Vehicle Emission Testing Centre

In order to reduce pollutants emitted from diesel vehicles, the Hong Kong SAR Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has set out a series of new smoke testing procedures and standards for diesel vehicles of 5.5 tons and below. According to the new regulations, such vehicles must emit less than 50HSU of smoke at 50% of their maximum rated power. From 5 September, 1999, all diesel vehicles under 5.5 tons will be subjected to smoke test with a Chassis Dynamometer as and when required by the EPD. Diesel vehicles above 5.5 tons will continue to be tested using the free acceleration smoke testing method.

In line with Crown Motors' ongoing environmental measures, the company has opened an EPD-approved Designated Vehicle Emission Testing Centre (DVETC) for diesel vehicles of 5.5 tons and below in Yuen Long. The centre is equipped with the latest Mustang 250 Dynamometer and Lucas Hartridge Mark IV smoke meter for accurate measurement of vehicle smoke and engine rated power. It also offers plenty of parking space and a comfortable area for drivers to relax while their vehicles are being tested. The DVETC is right next to the Yuen Long Toyota Service Centre.

Yuen Long Vehicle Emission Testing Centre Tel: 2880 4466

24-hour Towing Service

2811 0228

We also provide a 24-hour towing service to assist you in the event of unexpected vehicle breakdown or any other problems on the road.

PDI Centre

All those who spend money on a new car expect their car to be in tip-top condition. This is exactly why we built the PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection) Centre. Our PDI Centre is located in Yuen Long, and covers a working area of 15,000 square meters. It is capable of handling about 2,000 vehicles every month.

The PDI Centre does not just make sure that your car is polished. The job of PDI staff also includes inspection of mechanical status, body parts and any paint defects on each and every vehicle, installation of different localised options and accessories, application of anti-rust treatment, re-spraying your car in a different colour if required and of course, a car wash.

The PDI centre is not open to the public. It is only through pictures and words that the public can learn about our pre-delivery inspection and how important this procedure is in guaranteeing the quality that Lexus stand for.

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