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"Unstoppable Glamour"
The Premiere of the All New GS

17 Feb, 2012

After years of production and innovation, the long-awaited all new Lexus GS is finally launched with a stunning new look, revealing a comprehensive revolution in automotive luxury from the inside and out. The exterior has been crafted with three-dimensional design contours. The body lines along with the uniquely designed spindle grille beautifully embody the characteristic look of the Lexus family, adding a dynamic prominence that creates a sense of 'Unstoppable Glamour'. It serves as the icon for a new era of Lexus automobiles. At the same time, this all new GS in every way reflects the never-ending pursuit of creating the ultimate in executive luxury. It harmoniously blends dynamism, luxury, design and comfort into one perfect automotive masterpiece. This is a truly special automobile of high prestige that exudes the charm of a mid-size luxury sedan.

A grand launch ceremony for the all new Lexus GS350 and GS250 was held at Ocean Terminal today, drawing hundreds of car enthusiasts and media personnel. The guests of honor included Mr. Cedric So, Managing Director of Crown Motors Ltd., and Mr. Yoshihiko Kanamori, Chief Engineer of Lexus GS, both of whom spoke at the ceremony, followed by the unveiling of the all new Lexus GS350 together with the special VIP guests - Mr. Moses Chan and Miss Fala Chen. Mr. Ronald Wong, General Manager, Marketing Division of Crown Motors Ltd. then shared with the special VIPs the great pride for the all new Lexus GS. Before ending the official launch ceremony, all the assembled VIPs led a toast to Lexus and wished the all new GS great sales success.

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