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1st in Performance Hybrid
The Premiere of the Luxury Hybrid Sedan - All New Lexus GS450h

01 Jun, 2012

After years of production and innovation, Lexus’s leading role in developing high performance hybrid vehicles was established through its pioneering technology. In fact, according to results, Toyota Motor Corporation’s accumulative hybrid vehicle sales has already reached 4 million since hybrid vehicle was introduced. By realizing the elite features of “1st in Performance Hybrid” and leveraging its environmentally friendly advantages, the all new Lexus GS450h has enjoyed widespread acclaim and pride within the industry. Utilizing advanced hybrid technology, Lexus’ innovative strengths are undeniable as it continues to lead in the world in the development of hybrid vehicles.

Introducing a thorough redesign of the luxurious Lexus GS family, the uniquely re-conceptualized Spindle Grille and three-dimensional body lines are stunning. The superiority of the Lexus hybrid is revealed in full with the launch of the all new GS450h. This car’s highly efficient driving performance coupled with low fuel consumption and emissions thoroughly reflect the “1st in Performance Hybrid” dynamic. And because of its environmentally friendly engineering drivers enjoy both the strong, responsive performance and green driving at the same time.

"The All New Lexus GS450h Launch Ceremony" was held at the Lexus Premium Outlet in Wanchai today, drawing scores of guests and media personnel. The guests of honour included Mr. Cedric So, Managing Director of Crown Motors Ltd., and Mr. Yoshihiko Kanamori, Chief Engineer of Lexus GS450h,both of whom spoke at the ceremony and unveiled the all new Lexus GS450h. The special VIP guest - Miss Selena Li later shared the superior features of Lexus GS450h. Before the end of the event, all the VIPs in attendance led a toast to Lexus and wished great sales success for the all new GS450h.

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