Full Hybrid Leadership

Lexus envisions a smarter life cycle for modern vehicles, beginning with the development of cleaner power systems and the elimination of harmful emissions. This vision is realized in the Lexus Hybrid Drive, which integrates advanced combustion engine technology and powerful electric motors to create the most advanced hybrid system anywhere, in the world's first full hybrid luxury cars.

  • Starting
  • Normal Driving
  • Hard Acceleration
  • Decelerating and Braking


  • Fuel Efficient
  • Clean Energy
  • Superior Performance
  • Quiet Ride
  • Energy lost in conventional engines is recovered and used to boost fuel efficiency by the intelligent Lexus Hybrid Drive system.
  • The Lexus Hybrid Drive reduces emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2, as well as the emissions of other harmful pollutants such as CO, HC and NOx.
  • The smooth acceleration and impressive speed expected of a top luxury car with the environmental credentials of a hybrid.
  • The electric drive offers a virtually silent start and quiet cruising in EV drive mode and at low speeds and low loads.